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Maintenance Cleaning  
Efficient Maintenance Cleaning depends entirely on the people who perform the work. When the computers are turned off at night and the whole company is at rest, springs into action.

Whether it’s a large office, an administration wing or a shopping center, the maintenance cleaning of floors, offices, and sanitary facilities requires careful logistics, organizational structures and modern technology.

REIN FEIN was, and still is, a company with an entrepreneurial spirit, one that gives its customers more than just a perfect individual service package wrapped up according to the rules of the art of service.

Right from the start, when a service bid is created, we take into account all the developments that will be relevant in the future, for instance in technological advances, hygiene, employee qualifications, jurisprudence, and environmental technology.

Not least because of this ability to stay attuned to the , many of our customers are loyal to the company to this day.

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