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glass-cleaning of the future  
We would like to introduce the REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM to you.

So you can get to know the system, we are offering a free trial cleaning of your glass and window-frame surfaces up to a height of 26.0 m.

No more expensive investments in scaffolding, ladders or work platforms!

With the REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM, windows, window frames, façades, and much more can be cleaned from the ground – up to a height of 26.0 meters.

We would be very happy to have the opportunity to demonstrate the REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM to you, at no cost.


For many years, glass and façade cleaning has been an independent specialty in the building-cleaning service sector. Specific factors like safety, economical cleaning, and accessibility of the building all play an important role. All these aspects together can create problematic situations.

More and more often, architects design buildings in beautiful new styles. The unusual architecture, however, can create problems in maintaining the glass and façade elements.

Some examples of hard-to-reach glass and façade pieces: covered shopping-center walkways, glass cupolas, diagonal windows, and glass façades that can only be cleaned with the help of suspended work platforms.


REIN & FEIN Duabi-building-cleaning offers you the perfect solution to these problems with the REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM.

The REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM makes glass and façade cleaning safer and more productive in many situations.

Because of its compactness and mobility, the REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM assures the cleaning of many different parts of the building.

Mineral-free water is used in the cleaning process. This ensures optimal, and streak-free, cleanliness.


We have summarized the most important advantages of the REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM for you:

  • Spot- and streak-free drying in all weather conditions, even in direct sunlight.
  • Longer protection from returning dirt, and long-lasting cleanliness through the use of mineral-free water.
  • Reduces static charge to a bare minimum.
  • Appropriate for cleaning glass, window frames, lighting boxes, façade coverings, sunshade fixtures, etc.
  • Optimal accessibility as well as safe work conditions. We can safely clean up to 21 meters, working on the ground without using scaffolding, risers, or ladders.

How does the REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM work?

And what is pure water ???

We know water as H2O. Each water molecule consists of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. In water, these atoms exist as two charged ions.

One hydrogen atom is a positively-charged hydrogen ion (acid); the other atom is coupled with the oxygen atom, creating a negatively-charged hydroxide ion (alkaline). Because of the quality of these charged ions, pure water has significant dissolving capabilities, and combines with other ions in the same way. In other words, the positive and negative charges attract one another. This quality of pure water is utilized in REIN & FEIN Pure Water SYSTEM’s technology.

When pure water flows over a surface, it dissolves any substances present;
after a thorough rinsing and sufficient rinse time, it leaves a streak-free surface.

We’re offering you a free trial cleaning of your object so that you can get to know our REIN & FEIN Pure water SYSTEM. 

Don’t delay.
Simply contact us !!!

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